Designed to get down to business, the
Ducato range combines good looks and
a strong work ethic in a way that only the
Italians can.

Overseas model shown with optional LED headlights


The New Ducato is "city-proof". It features an innovative look with a sleek line and dynamic, robust character, where style meets functionality in a striking design. It only takes a glance at the bumpers, the grille, the headlights to see that style is of the essence on the New Ducato.

Exterior front Overseas model shown with optional LED headlights


Thanks to more than thirty years in the field and more than 10.5 million kilometres of experimental testing carried out on the latest generation, the New Ducato takes quality, robustness and reliability to a new level.

Exterior side
Overseas model shown with optional LED headlights

Working comfortably

Its essential for every worker to be able to interact simply and effectively with their instruments. The UconnectTM Radio, with CD player and steering wheel controls is equipped with a 5” colour touchscreen from which it is possible to manage radio stations, phone calls and SMSs as well as display the images from the rear camera (optional).

Overseas model shown


The New Ducato means always driving with maximum safety and performance.
It's equipped with all the most advanced control and safety technologies.



The system intervenes in emergency situations, for example in sudden swerving manouevres to avoid an unexpected obstacle. It monitors parameters such as lateral acceleration, speed, grip and angle of the steering wheel. It processes the data and, if necessary, intervenes on the drive torque and braking system to restore perfect stability to the vehicle.



New additional assistance for the ESC in high-speed manoeuvres to prevent situations where the risk of rollover is greater, and to reduce rolling in low-speed manoeuvres.



Brakes the vehicle when starting uphill, inhibiting rearward motion without using the handbrake. Handbrake release is automatic.


TRACTION+ (optional)

The Traction+ is the innovative traction control system that improves the vehicle's handling on difficult terrain with poor grip. Under conditions of low grip from any drive wheel, the control unit detects slip and brakes it, transmitting the drive torque on the wheel with greater grip on the ground. In this way, the vehicle's performance is more comfortable, ensuring the best stability and handling.


HILL DESCENT CONTROL (packaged with Traction+)

This allows you to tackle downhill driving with a slope of up to 50% without depressing the brake pedal or the accelerator pedal, so you can concentrate on the driving alone.



The Lane Departure Warning System can determine whether the van is changing lane, even in low-visibility weather conditions. In the event of danger, an acousting and visual signal alerts the driver of the potential impending threat (Optional on all variants).



This manages the activation and deactivation of the main beam headlights, increasing visibility and reducing the risk of dazzling when driving at night by automatically recognising the vehicles coming from the opposite driving direction (option packaged with LDWS).



The Rain Sensor, in accordance with the intensity of the rain, activates the wipers and regulates their speed. The Dusk Sensor automatically activates the dipped beam headlights when outdoor light is insufficient (option packaged with LDWS).



The Cruise Control allows you to set cruising speed and maintain on it.



The Load Adaptive Control integrated into the ESC indentifies the vehicle load conditions during travel, notably the weight and the center of gravity. Depending on these parameters, it intervenes by calculative and communicating new calibrations and intervention thresholds to the ABS, ASR, ESC and Roll Over Mitigation functions so that these are always as effective as possible.

On The Run

With the 3.0L 180 Multijet turbo diesel engine mated
to either a 6-speed manual or the optional 6-speed
Comfort-matic robotized gearbox, you'll
have an efficient engine that delivers more than
enough power to cruise up even the steepest hill, no
matter how heavy the load.

Overseas model shown with optional LED headlights

down time

Driven by Design
Your Ducato was designed to work not rest, so it
only requires an oil change every 24,000km and
a service after 48,000km. And to ensure your
van works as hard as you do, it's covered by a 3
year/200,000km warranty.

Overseas model shown with optional LED headlights

Your business suits

There's a Ducato to suit any business. All of them featuring a uniquely Italian
combination of form, function and features.

Ducato Vans

3450mm wheelbase

M furgone 4035 bianco

  • GVW: Maxi 3500, 4005 kg
  • Capacity: 1446 - 1915 kg
  • Volume: 10m3


4035mm wheelbase XL

M furgone 3450 bianco

  • GVW: 4005 kg
  • Capacity: 2065 kg
  • Volume: 15m3


4035mm wheelbase

M Cass3800 Rosso199

  • GVW: Maxi 3500 kg
  • Capacity: 2110 kg
  • Volume: 13m3


Ducato Cab Chasis

3800mm wheelbase

M Cass3800 Rosso199

Cab Chasis
  • GVW: 4005 kg
  • Max wheel load: 2100 - 2400 kg
  • Payload: n/a
  • Loading volume: n/a


The colours shown are digital reproductions and only
representative of the final paint colour.

Overseas model shown with optional LED headlights

FIAT Ducato

Features include:

  • 180 130kW 3.0L Multijet II diesel engine
  • 6 speed manual transmission & MTA
  • 1,560 - 2,110 kg payload (Range of variants available)
  • 8m3 - 15m3 cargo space (Range of variants available)
  • 3 year/200,000km warranty
  • Power heated mirrors and windows
  • 5-inch colour touchscreen UconnectTM Radio with steering wheel controls
  • Bluetooth® connectivity & voice command



  • Two-seater passenger seat with 3-point central seat belt (Total 3 occupant capacity)
  • Rear parking sensors
  • 270 degree rear 'barn' doors
  • Insulated bulkhead with viewing window
  • Air conditioning
  • Cruise control
  • Driver and passenger airbags

Overseas model shown with optional LED headlights