Space and Versality

Compact dimensions, agile and flexible.

Compact dimensions, agile and flexible.

Perfect external dimensions
  • 3,957mm long and 1,716mm wide.
  • Regular square shape
  • Length of 1.523m
  • Height of 1.205m
  • Width of 1.473m
  • Width between wheel arches of 1.05m
  • 6 fastening hooks on the floor


Accessibility Easy to load and unload.

Access to the load compartment is simple:

  • Rear access is ensured by two swing doors (40/60) that open up to 180˚, with a maximum width of 1,120mm and height of up to 1,060mm.
  • Regular square shape
  • The wide sliding side door provides greater accessibility with a maximum width of 550mm, and a height of 1,050mm, depending on the version.
  • 2 sliding doors with vertical ergonomic door handles of the new Fiorino, offering an excellent grip and is able to open with either hands.
  • The load threshold is at a height of approximate 530mm from the ground, which will vary depending on the vehicle load and the ground level.